Things That Are a Must to Consider Before Planning Finances and Investment


Seniors planning on finance and investment surely need to know to fund their goals. Before investing, ensure there are answers to all your queries. To begin with:

  • What type of earnings you expect on the investment? Do you get income in the form of dividends, interest, or rent?
  • How fast you can get your money in case you sell or need cash from your investment such as bonds, stocks, and share, but be assured you will get all you invested is not any guarantee.
  • What to expect? Bonds promise fixed return. On most earnings, securities change with market. You can just take this investment decision based that it will do well.
  • How much is the involvement of risk? The fact is that investment comes with the risk factor and you cannot be assured of full money back or promised earnings.
  • Are you having diversified investments? Putting your money in diversified investments is best as it reduces risk. Some perform better in certain situations, while the bond prices go down, when the interest rates increase.
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to save money.

There is a need to research investments and to learn how to prevent investment fraud: is a SEC website. It gives tips on investing. It has investor alerts, news and guide to investment products.


The SEC needs public companies to reveal financial information. This can assist in making sound decisions.


Learn questions to ask before choosing a financial professional, so that you hire an experienced person.


FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority can help in preparing to invest. You can find market data up-to-date and information for bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and other securities.

Check with the U.S. Mint before investing in coin-related products or coins. Invest in collectible coins.


Treasury Securities

These are debts given to you by the federal government’s Bureau of Fiscal Service. As you buy a Treasury security, you are lending money for a set time to the federal government. The government repays the entire amount as the security matures.

Here are a few Treasury securities types:

  • Series EE and I Savings Bonds: Securities offering a fixed interest rate for a fixed time period.
  • Treasury Bills: Securities of Short-term maturing between a few days and 52 weeks.
  • Treasury Notes: Securities of Medium term maturing between 1 and 10 years.
  • Treasury Bonds: Securities of long-term, with a 30-year term. These pay interest once in six months, until the maturity of bond.

Tips for the Elderly to Boost Memory in Old Age


There are numerous exercises to improve memory in the elderly, and various medications and home remedies also contribute to this effect. For example, you can achieve results with a diet that will have a positive effect on the brain cells and structures.




A low-calorie diet can contribute to improved memory in the elderly. The diet, in fact, improves your brain performance by up to 30%.


Glucose and sugar, as well as spices that normalize brain function contribute to better information retention, and brain functioning:


– anise;


– turmeric;


– ginger;


– cumin;


– dill;


– cardamom;


– Basil.


Various spices can also be mixed together.


Improving memory in older people can be achieved by using:


– fish (salmon), fish oil;


– meat (chicken, turkey);


– walnuts, pumpkin seeds;


– croup (buckwheat), grains, bran;


– milk, cottage cheese, kefir;


– tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage;


– blueberries, prunes.


The main purpose of a diet chosen by a nutritionist or doctor is to saturate the brain with oxygen, normalize metabolic processes, and improves the blood supply to the brain.




The blood circulation, both of the organism as a whole and the cerebral system, in particular, is improved by even light exercise.


Regular warm-ups walk in the fresh air, and light exercises are essential for preserving memory after 50 years.


Start with the below exercises:


– Slowly bring your hands to your face, rub your knuckles under your eyes.


– Straighten your palm, stretch your thumb. Stroke the front of the neck in a rubbing motion.


– Grip the bottom of the chin with your thumbs, and rub your cheeks with your palms.


Rubbing movements need to be done on all parts of the head, shoulders, and arms. They can be performed with palms, as well as fingertips.




Hobbies are ideal to improve memory and brain functioning in old age. For instance, you can try,


– to learn foreign languages;


– learn to play musical instruments;


– engage with technology or master modern technologies.


It’s also advised to engage in crossword puzzles, sudoku, chess, etc. If you have a computer or a smartphone, you can play games aimed at strengthening memory and developing intelligence.


Other Exercises:


You can do a number of simple exercises in your free time. You just need to spend 7–10 minutes speaking everything out loud or at least in a whisper.


– Quickly perform a countdown from 100 to 1.


– Name 20 male names with assignment of a serial number (for example, Alexander – 1, Victor – 2, etc.).


– Do the same with female names.


– Name 20 words that begin with one letter, assigning numbers to them (1 – car, 2 – avocado, 3 – alphabet).


– Count up to 20 in a foreign language.


– Perform a countdown from 300 to 1.


– Write 20 words on a sheet. Memorize them for 30 seconds. Remove the sheet, write all the words on the new sheet.


Medigap Plans: Senior citizens can visit  try out Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2020. These allow them to cover the copay that is not included in General Medicare.

Women in Transition, Get your Financial Life Back In Order


No one really is aware of how disruptive life may be, better than women. Despite that it is a divorce or widowhood, job losing, moving out o into a house; women in transition are ready for life’s surprises. Addressing the finances after a transition is mandatory as you cannot afford to sit frozen for years or even months as it can hurt after a transition. Here are a few expert advices for women to get financial life in order.

Regroup emotionally

Women feel compelled in transition to act, but it is better not doing anything right away. Investing and emotions are a dangerous mix. Recognizing ability of having emotional reaction is powerful with money. Women in transition should slow down, take time, allow the emotions to settle, and then try to handle investments.

Set a timeline

There is a need to set a timeline for everything. This may be an opportunity risk allowing the investment to remain as some strategy. You should, ideally attend the investment after the transition within a year. In case, you are not in the right emotional state to make financial decisions in the long-term, consider short-term strategy, so that you also get time to amass your bearings.

Avoid signing anything right away

Do not get committed for a new contract by the time you are not clear regarding the time you will take to resolve from the transition. In case you lock yourself into some seven-year contract, find divorce to pay up tomorrow, you will be hit with withdrawal early penalties. Give a year to understand the financial implications and to get 2020 Medicare advantage plans comparison on
obligations of your transition prior to committing to anything new.

Position priorities in order

It is always nice to maintain a schedule, but that does not happen with everyone. On getting hit more than once, determine that should be prioritized. Get it with a deadline, so that you can hand at work a buyout package to review.  However, divorce can take back burner. After a divorce, you can jump fast, end up with tax implications.

Be clear where you stand

The financial puzzle needs to be figured out for women and the place you stand legally and financially. What are the new liabilities and assets you need after dust has settled what you will receive. If you inherited a house, enjoy a new asset, though it may also come as a new liability such as the house may have a HOA or mortgage fees to pay. You may require meeting a financial advisor to get things straight and to consider investment strategy.

Normally people have medical plans and coverage with part A and part B which is normally take care of the expenses of hospital care. Now, you must know that the coverage plans do not fully cover your expenses. In that case, you may fall in difficulty because many people never estimate the expenses before. So, it can affect in maintaining the expenses on treatment of yourself or your loved one. In that case, Medicare supplement plans can make your expenses lower.

Why do you need a supplement plan?

Well, supplement plans are required to fill up the gap in the extra costing. Let it discuss now. If you have any coverage plan, then it will give you expenses of hospital care, health care, blood, treatment cost, nursing cost etc. beside of that, there are plenty of expenses which you have pay from your pocket, and these become higher sometimes. Checkup cost, test cost, visiting cost, caring cost for a long time, drugs cost etc. are these types of expenses which have no limitation.

In such case, these do not belong to any of coverage plan. What should you do then? Here Medicare supplement plans can solve this problem.

Benefit of plans

The most interesting fact of the part is, it reduces the cost where it needed most and also helps to save your lots of money. According to federal law, there are four part of Medicare plans, and those are

  • Part A- these part includes the area of the nursing facility, home care, healthcare, hospital care, stay care etc. the person will be paid within the system, and after 60 days, you can do co-insurance, and an amount of $1316 will be deducted for the service.
  • Part B- it covers the area of medical coverage like physician visits, outpatient care, durable medical equipment, home care and preventive service etc. you have to pay a premium of $134 and $183 will be deducted for service.
  • Part C- it includes the total coverage of part A and part B and has the additional benefit of dental coverage, vision coverage, prescribed drug etc.
  • Part D-it will cover drug coverage worth of $15 to $100, and the insurance company has drug list to follow for the expense.

The advantage of Medicare supplement plans

Now, new plans of supplement plans combine the total part of A, B and D to ensure coverage of care and drug both. Another plans C which has both medical and health coverage.

Remind that; you will be paid when you can apply within the enrollment period of 6 months and also gives the relief to the senior citizen because all the plans are for the 65+ people. Please, discuss with the professional to know more about Medicare Supplement Plans 2018.

Most of the people opt for Medicare parts A & B to take care of their several medical costs such as drug charges, doctors’ visits, hospital charges etc. Nevertheless, it never covers all the costs associated with it and this is when Medicare supplement plans come in rescue. These supplements plans are there to be used for filling the deductible, co pay, co-insurance as well as all other additional charges that are not covered the standard medicare plans.

More on the supplement plan

Medicare supplement plans basically pick up right from the point where standard medicare plan leaves off. 12 different kinds of plans are there to offer different kind of coverage with various advantages to suit your every need. Such supplement plans are known to be appropriate for the people who basically live on fixed monthly income.

Affordable for everyone

Medicare supplement plans are considered to be quite affordable. Moreover, each and every plan has quite different coverage to select from as per your need and choice. If you are not financially sound, then you are supposed to go for such supplement plans since these are government regulated. Irrespective of a company you choose, you are likely to get the same benefits provided you go for the same supplement plan. Only the cost is likely to be a little bit different. On the other hand, no matter what your budget is, there is always a plan that will suit your need and budget. Moreover, you can get a quote for absolutely free which is quite an advantage.

Covers necessary things

Medicare supplement plans are there to take all guesswork out of providing the necessary health care coverage. The first and foremost thing for you is to concentrate on your budget rather than focusing on coverage and option. On the other hand, you are also required to concentrate on your health. This way you will be able to find the plan that will work perfectly for your health need and budget. Even after choosing a specific supplement plan, you have the option to switch plans as per your convenience.

Do your research

Each kind of plan comes with its own set of benefits. All you have to do is to apply for the proper medicare supplement plans as per your convenience and need. You are just required to do some extensive research on different aspects of such supplement plans before buying one. You will get all the necessary information out there on the internet. Just hurry up and buy one plan as soon as possible.

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There could be chance that you have effectively agreed to accept Medicare and you trust all your restorative costs are provided food for and dealt with by them. Some might turn 65 and are seeking after the same however is this the case? I question it. Give us a chance to take a gander at this circumstance somewhat nearer.

Much the same as numerous different things, Medicare in its unique frame has a few holes and this has prompted the term medigap which remains for senior wellbeing plans. There are coinsurances and deductibles which are related with Medicare that you have to think about. There are two understood wellbeing plans too.

The aarp medicare supplement plan f shows up as one of the plans. The other sort is the Medicare advantage plan and all these are sponsored by the administration and subsequently work lawfully for the more seasoned age. You will find that I have conveyed some data in this article demonstrating the Medicare supplements, medigap plans or med sups beneath.

In your Medicare approach, there are a few deductibles and just to make things fascinating, we can include them up. For every 60 day healing facility stay, you will understand that section an of the accommodating deductible is $1100.00 and part b has a deductible is 155.000 dollars. This is the thing that the 2011 figures appear.

You can have holes near 50,397 a year. You can really have a six sixty day time frames in only one year. You additionally need to meet the gifted nursing facility deductible.  It’s however evident that this figure can’t demonstrate the 20% coinsurance for part b that could have the specialist included. This should demonstrate to you that for a cheerful living, you require this part of wellbeing planning. With the various assortments accessible, you simply need to discover what is accessible in your area.

Plainly there are numerous options that an individual can consider if they are not happy with what is introduced to them. This implies you can pick what you need as long as you consider your financial plan and check whether it fit in a given plan. Simply make sure to stay inside your financial plan and have the essential things covered.  You now need to utilize an authorized specialist to enable you to pick the correct plan after you have acknowledged what is moderate for you. This operator will enable you to settle on the correct choice. Some of the time they can discover plans that you could never discover if it was not for their assistance.

Medicare supplement plans or Medigap were introduced mostly to fill up the gaps that normal or original Medicare could not take care of. It was in order to strengthen the consumer protection that the government had introduced medigaps to people early in the 1980’s. Known as the “Baucus Amendment”, it went through various other legislative procedures to get to the point where we today know it as medigap, and it can be utilized by the citizens for their benefit to cover all the medical expenses.

Medicare supplement plans have various parts, and there are obligations that you to follow to avail the plans that you need. Medigaps are available to people who have enrolled in Part A and Part B of their original Medicare plans. Part A covers the hospital insurance for the patient while Part B covers the charges which relate to doctor’s visits, vaccinations, nursing facilities etc. Medigap mostly helps you downsize the burden that your original Medicare plans may pose which they do not cover. A Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement will pay deductibles and co-payments of regular Medicare.

The need for Medicare supplement plans

Covering large bills which may not fall under your original Medicare policy such as the fees for the doctor, ambulance costs etc. are covered by the medigap, and the main aim of medigap is to take care of the burdens that your medical cost may impose on you. All you need to do is pay the timely premiums, and most of your work is done for you. But it should be kept in mind that there are certain guidelines that a person needs to follow to get hold of their medigap policies. If you do not avail by the guidelines set, then you may not enrol for the medigap policies that will help you get rid of most of the burdens in case of emergencies.

As Medicare supplement plans have coverage only in the States, it becomes very difficult for people who travel extensively for luxury or business to avail medigap policies as it is not effective outside the States. Keeping this in mind, medigap has policies that can cover for people who travel abroad and takes away the tension of their medical cost coverage. Thus, if you meet a sudden accident or fall ill outside the States, you can avail your Medicare as well as medigap policies without the thought of rejection of the policy outside your home country.

The Medicare supplement plans for 2018 is pretty interesting because the gap covered and uncovered charges were reduced. The Plan A will cover 60 days of hospitalization up to a price of 1184 dollars. However, the supplement plans or medigap will cover 20% of the uncovered value what medicate does not cover.

How many plans are there in the US?

The Medicare supplement plans are updated with 12 different plans starting from Plan A to plan L. However, the Plan M, N, J and more were discontinued. The insured person can renew those discontinued plans. The Medicare plans were standardised from 1992. It why one should get the supplement plans to cover total medical expenses.

The Plan A comes with a solid deduction of 1184 dollars up to 60 days of hospitalisation. However, most of the Medicare supplement plans were renovated with new features and condition for 2018. An average person may get hospitalised more than the proposed value of 1184 dollars.

Why should one get Plan B?

If you have registration for Plan B, then you can enjoy a maximum benefit of 80 percent of the approved charges for CT scans, ER, MRI, doctor’s visit and more. In the case of Nursing home of infusion centre, the IV medication is under the coverage of Plan B. However; you have to pay 147 dollars in every year.

What are the benefits of a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?

  • The Medicare supplement plans will help you to pay 20% of the part B medical expense.
  • It will protect you from unexpected out of pocket costs.
  • One can choose any doctor or hospital with Medicare certification to avail the supplement plans.
  • The supplement plans also cover foreign and nationwide travel.
  • The coverage offers renewable life with premiums.

Who is under coverage?

Medicare supplement plans will cover the American aged 65 or more. However, you should have worked and paid under payroll taxes to enable the supplement plan. There are certain plans for younger people with minor to major disability. The supplement plans also cover people with the end-stage renal disease.

You have to pay the monthly premium for Part B Medicare insurance. The same goes for the Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan F coverage. There is no single policy to cover 100% of the medical expenses.  There is separate coverage for the couples. There are many private companies to provide different quotes of medigap insurance plan. There are different benefits for a different policy offered by companies.

If you have already subscribed for the Medicare Advantage Plans, you must be knowing that you have to continue paying the premium for the Part B coverage of the Original Medicare plans. It implies, you require paying the premium twice, though you get 2-fold benefit, in return for it. Does it really make a sense? Let’s explore the answer to this question.

Paying 2 premiums at a go, you will get 2-fold medical benefits

Don’t mind paying the premiums for the Medicare Advantage Plans and the premium for the Part B coverage of the original Medicare policy as you will be getting the respective coverage against these payments. It implies, in instances, you need the medical facilities the most, you have got coverages from 2 sets to safeguard your interest. The cost of drugs and medical care is rising at a whooping pace as the days are passing by, and thus, if you have an extensive coverage as you get after subscribing to the plans for Medicare Advantage, nothing better you can expect to get.

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You get some additional coverages that you are likely to need

Another reason for accepting the apparent burden of paying 2 premiums at a go is that you will be getting some significant additional coverages. For instance, as these policies are meant for those individuals who are above 65 years of age, these individuals feel higher needs of the dental, hearing and vision care. These plans will cover the aspects like routine care  for the dental, vision and hearing health, and thus, you are ought to find these policies effective and relevant to your probable needs. Therefore, the apparent burden is actually a wise investment that you are making to secure health from the threats that are most likely to creep up.  Opting for these policies, most importantly, you can restrict the out-of-pocket expenses to a specific limit. All these policies come with a ceiling for the up front expenses that you require paying to avail the medical facilities. Once you reach that limit, you will not require paying a single penny that year for availing the necessary medical care. Thus, it is a wonderful way to restrict the medical expenses within a specific extent. Thus, even if you require paying some additional fees for availing these benefits, you should not mind it as it will fetch you the most enticing benefits in the right instance.

If you are a senior who has decided to start exercising, this article is the right place for you! In case you already know the basic information about exercise for seniors, like the types of exercises recommended for you and the kind of activities that would be a good option, today we will give you 6 exercising tips for seniors that will make the experience much better!

  1. Wear comfortable clothing

You don’t need the most expensive clothing to start exercising, just things in which you are comfortable. Choose shoes that offer enough support and that aren’t too tight. Wear clothes that aren’t too tight but not too loose, and fabrics that will let your skin breath when you sweat. Avoid using jewelry, especially things that could cause accidents, like long earrings or too much bracelets.

  1. Make it part of your routine

Something that could help you to make exercising a permanent thing is including it in your routine. Choose the best moment of the day for you and write a schedule. Maybe you could do it in the mornings, before your day actually starts, or at night, so you can go to bed after that. This way, you will turn it into a habit. It can be difficult at first, but it will be easier with days and you will end up feeling weird when you don’t exercise.

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 Go slow at first and build up gradually

Exercising can be exciting at first and you may want to try everything, but if your body is not used to physical activity you should take it easy. You can start with 10 o 20 minutes of physical activity per day and when that feels too easy, add minutes to your routine. Keep doing this until you reach your 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity. After that, you can continue adding minutes if you feel comfortable.

Remember that you should also do strength exercises. It is recommended to do them two or more non-consecutive days per week, so the muscles can have break. Do it the same way, start with two days and with light exercises and then make a little more difficult.

  1. Set goals

This exercising tip for seniors goes along with the above-mentioned tips. If you set short term goals you will be more motivated to exercise. This works very well if you are taking a class or playing a sport. Maybe you want to successfully do that hard dance movement or you want to beat your partner when playing tennis. No matter what it is, make your goals realistic, write them down and reward yourself after you achieve them.

  1. Always warm up and cool down

It is important to prepare your body before you start exercising. Take some minutes to stretch before you start your routine or take a short walk if you are going to run. After you finish, take some minutes to cool down. In this case you can also do some gentle stretches or a short walk.

This exercising tip for seniors is essential because you will avoid injuries and your heart rate will go back to its resting rate or will be ready to more intense activity.

  1. Stop if you don’t feel okay

     If you have years without exercising, it is normal to feel some discomfort at first and slight pain after exercising, because your body wasn’t used to that amount of activity. However, if you feel a lot of pain, dizziness, you are out of breath or you feel discomfort in your joints or back, stop what you are doing. Don’t risk yourself and take a rest.

If you feel good after a while, you can gently continue and finish. Go to your doctor if the discomfort continues after days. Avoid an injury and listen to your body!