Tips for the Elderly to Boost Memory in Old Age

Tips for the Elderly to Boost Memory in Old Age


There are numerous exercises to improve memory in the elderly, and various medications and home remedies also contribute to this effect. For example, you can achieve results with a diet that will have a positive effect on the brain cells and structures.




A low-calorie diet can contribute to improved memory in the elderly. The diet, in fact, improves your brain performance by up to 30%.


Glucose and sugar, as well as spices that normalize brain function contribute to better information retention, and brain functioning:


– anise;


– turmeric;


– ginger;


– cumin;


– dill;


– cardamom;


– Basil.


Various spices can also be mixed together.


Improving memory in older people can be achieved by using:


– fish (salmon), fish oil;


– meat (chicken, turkey);


– walnuts, pumpkin seeds;


– croup (buckwheat), grains, bran;


– milk, cottage cheese, kefir;


– tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage;


– blueberries, prunes.


The main purpose of a diet chosen by a nutritionist or doctor is to saturate the brain with oxygen, normalize metabolic processes, and improves the blood supply to the brain.




The blood circulation, both of the organism as a whole and the cerebral system, in particular, is improved by even light exercise.


Regular warm-ups walk in the fresh air, and light exercises are essential for preserving memory after 50 years.


Start with the below exercises:


– Slowly bring your hands to your face, rub your knuckles under your eyes.


– Straighten your palm, stretch your thumb. Stroke the front of the neck in a rubbing motion.


– Grip the bottom of the chin with your thumbs, and rub your cheeks with your palms.


Rubbing movements need to be done on all parts of the head, shoulders, and arms. They can be performed with palms, as well as fingertips.




Hobbies are ideal to improve memory and brain functioning in old age. For instance, you can try,


– to learn foreign languages;


– learn to play musical instruments;


– engage with technology or master modern technologies.


It’s also advised to engage in crossword puzzles, sudoku, chess, etc. If you have a computer or a smartphone, you can play games aimed at strengthening memory and developing intelligence.


Other Exercises:


You can do a number of simple exercises in your free time. You just need to spend 7–10 minutes speaking everything out loud or at least in a whisper.


– Quickly perform a countdown from 100 to 1.


– Name 20 male names with assignment of a serial number (for example, Alexander – 1, Victor – 2, etc.).


– Do the same with female names.


– Name 20 words that begin with one letter, assigning numbers to them (1 – car, 2 – avocado, 3 – alphabet).


– Count up to 20 in a foreign language.


– Perform a countdown from 300 to 1.


– Write 20 words on a sheet. Memorize them for 30 seconds. Remove the sheet, write all the words on the new sheet.


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